First quake

This is my first blog post in a long, long time, I was an active blogger between 2009-2012. I’m feeling the urge to write so I’m going to jump on that feeling and go with it today! I’ve recently had a long period of illness, physical and mental and starting to feel like I am on the better side of that experience, ready to engage again in things I have left behind for a while. Having said that post-viral fatigue is a fickle beast and I may not have the energy to do this again for a while, only time will tell…

My main aims in starting to blog again are:

  • to keep people updated with projects I am working on and to give them a little insight into my creative process
  • to document my projects, and explore them through the process of journalling
  • to further develop my writing skills, something I enjoy but am not confident about
  • to engage with likeminded people and elicit feedback and/or be directed to other relevant reference materials

I think that is a good starting place for Thoughtquakes.

The blog title, Thoughtquakes comes from a current mini exhibition I have showing at Gotham Studios‘ Peek-a-boo Gallery titled, Thoughtquakes: WIP 2016-17 which features small works in progress that refer to moments when ideas begin to rumble and surface. Sometimes ideas spurt out through cracks and are hard to catch, sometimes they spill out like lava.

In deciding to start blogging again, I’ve been doing a bit of reading about blogging in 2017. It seems there are many articles about the death of blogging.  I’m curious to know what the real differences are today compared to 5 or so years ago. So if you happen to be reading this and have some thoughts on this subject, or know of some useful articles please do comment them below.

So welcome to Thoughtquakes and thanks for reading!


Author: clairebushby

Claire Bushby is an artist and curator based in Perth. In 2015, she completed a Master of Arts (Visual Arts) at Edith Cowan University investigating collective production and participatory practice. She works from her studio at Gotham Arts Studios, Northbridge and has performed a wide range of roles in Perth arts organisations including Heathcote Museum & Gallery, Paper Mountain, His Majesty’s Theatre and Spectrum Project Space. In 2014 she completed an Asialink residency at Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan and she received DCA funding for a residency at Listhús in Ólafsfjörður, Northern Iceland. Claire has been included in exhibitions in Shanghai, Taipei, London, Sydney and Perth. From 2015-17 she was a Co-Director of Paper Mountain (Artist Run Initiative) in Northbridge and is currently Coordinator of Spectrum Project Space at Edith Cowan University and Curator for the Uniting Church in the City's annual Stations of the Cross exhibition.

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